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Financial Advice

Cygnet Care accepts Devon Carer Vouchers.

We are registered with Devon Carers to take their “Take a Break Vouchers”. This is a subsidised scheme which gives Carers in Devon flexible time during the day or evening to take time away from their caring roles.

Cygnet Care will also help you with advice in applying for the Attendance Allowance and the Direct Payment scheme.

Please contact us if you need advice with any of these funding options.

If you wish to discuss these matters in person rather than over the telephone home visits can be arranged. Complete confidentiality will be observed at all times.

I am writing to thank you for your very great kindness and loving care that you gave to my Sister. She had great respect for you all and appreciated the help and encouragement given to her in the last days.

I continue to be very impressed with the both the level of care that my Father receives and the intelligent and responsive way in which his Carers help him.

How We Can Help

Cygnet Care understands that every person is an individual in their own right and therefore, their needs and expectations are special to them.

We try, to the best of our ability, to be as flexible and helpful as possible. The variety of services that we cover and have been asked to cover, is wide–ranging.

A Client may start with us, just requiring a little support with in-house care in central to Cygnet Care's servicestheir shopping and laundry and then, as the months slip by and mobility or, perhaps their memory begins to fail, we help them at bathing and personal care, or pop in for a quick, re-assuring visit on long winter evenings when Spring still seems a long way coming.

If Clients return from hospital and need temporary or permanent care during the night or if their family go on holiday and night care is required whilst they are away, then this can be arranged.

Palliative Care is given by a dedicated and sensitive team of Carers who specialise in this field. Every support is offered and no effort is spared in helping to ease and guide our Clients and their families through this period of their lives. Close collaboration with Hospice and Medical Staff ensures that all care given, is of the best and will provide continuity in the most effective ways of keeping our Clients pain free and peaceful to the end.


At Cygnet Care we understand how immensely important pets are to people. We will care for your pets if needed. We will walk the Dog, feed and care for any animal. Talking to budgies, feeding goldfish, visits to the Vet. At Cygnet Care this is always a pleasure and never a chore!

Cygnet Carers will help Clients to be able to remain in their own homes for longer, or perhaps, for the rest of their lives. There is very little that we will not undertake to do, unless the task might harm either the Client or the Carer. We have even put out hay for Shetland ponies, one cold night, when their Mistress unexpectedly went into hospital!

Continence Care is discreetly given, including help, if required, with stomas, colostomies and catheters of all types.

A highly trained Cygnet Care assistant enabling a client to enjoy his independence moreWe, at Cygnet, are very conscious of the need of tempting, wholesome and nutritious meals. Carers, who all hold food hygiene certificates, will help prepare and serve meals that may tempt the poorest of appetites.

If families are far away, or work prevents taking a loved one to an appointment for out-patient clinics, or if our Client is admitted to hospital, then Cygnet will arrange for their Carer to escort and visit them. Washing and ironing during stays in hospital can also be carried out.

Cygnet Carers are trained to support and enable those people suffering from all forms of dementia to remain living safely and happily at home. It is recognised that continuity of surroundings and care, can help to reduce levels of confusion which, in turn, limits the distress that is so often felt by families, when their loved ones are diagnosed with dementia.

Please call us on 01271 858271 so we can have a quiet and confidential talk about your needs.

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